Three Things to Check When Selecting a Poker Training Site

Three Things to Check When Selecting a Poker Training Site

If you are thinking about investing in some poker training, you will want to check out a few things before actually getting involved with a training site. First, is the site’s credentials? Does the site credit poker training with the skills it has promised? Does the site offer a track record of success? And, finally, does the site offer a guarantee of some sort?

The last question centers around the idea of cost. When looking for quality poker training, you want to reduce the initial outlay you have to make so you can get the most out of your money. Any time you spend getting trained on the Internet, especially when it will cost you money, is money you do not want to spend.

The above three things to check can give you some insight into the reputation of the site and the quality of the education it offers. Whether you choose a free site or a membership site, if you are going to invest in poker education, you want to be sure you are getting the best possible education as well as the best possible return on your investment. Save yourself the time and the effort of searching for the best training, and join the thousands of people who have found the most profitable poker training sites.

Free Sites

One of the most popular poker training sites on the Internet, incidentally, is Poker Training by This site offers an excellent education in poker, everything you could imagine about poker, strategy, psychology, and interviews with famous professional poker players. It offers a wide-range of games and a variety of levels. It also offers a low buy-in into the $2,000 range, which is excellent for beginning players.

But, as with any poker site, the quality of the information available can be vastly different. The BluefirePoker review gives the site four stars, which seems to indicate that the site has a lot to offer.

The International poker Association’s (IPA) website offers a “Top Ten” list of the top ten poker training sites, and Poker Training Videos is listed at the bottom of the list. The site also offers a brief analysis of the individual lessons, and a preview of the David Sklansky video. I like the site and its offerings, so I recommend it to players who like poker and video.

Membership site.

The site offers 75,000 square feet of live game action, including a screen that shows a constantly updated live ring game schedule. costing players easy access to their favorite live poker games at all hours of the day. The site also offers a collection of testimonials, a hand history log and a download to playing cards of the Bluefire Poker hand history.

This Bluefire Poker site sets a new standard for the poker training site industry and a high level of realism. The players are in comfortable physical surroundings during their training sessions, and the sights and sounds of a live game are available at high quality settings. The site offers live training sessions with yourself and a group of partners, featuring two different game scenarios – one of Omaha, one of Texas Hold ‘Em. This means that you get to see how others would play the game, and feel the techniques and strategies in the heat of action.

You earn a “Bolagila” as to how well you do in each training module, and your performance is compared to your peers. If you earn a “grade” of 60%, then you must attain a certain level of performance in at least six out of every ten training sessions. The concept of earning a “grade” is worth its weight in gold, because this is the equivalent of a full-time career in poker-stop Hemp!