A Poker Aquarium

A Poker Aquarium

Raise your hand if you like fish – any kind, however big or small they are. There are few things that set fish apart from the other fish, other than the fact that they’re mostly dark pink because they lack the ink on their belly. They also have little eyes, like that of a caterpillar, and tend to have little hooked “choker” shaped patterns on their sides. But perhaps the most distinctive feature of a poker fish is their little hooked “choker” patterns.

Most poker fish come from the shallower waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, where there is more competition and fewer fish. Naturally, as the competition gets harder, poker fish with hooked “choker” patterns have a better chance of making it in the twenty-one feet deep waters of the deep waters of the ocean, where there are more competition fish. Behold – fish that spend some part of their time in the shallower waters around the shoreline and deep waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Pacific continue to remain theRank Money Trackersof the day.

However, as the poker fish line out, that is, from the shallower waters of the Pacific Ocean, across the Atlantic Ocean, to the deep waters of the Atlantic Ocean, there are fewer poker fish, as there are less fish in the shallower water. Thus, a poker fish has a better chance making it past the shoal area before being killed by the bigger sharks.

In a similar fashion to the lures and varieties of the wild bird, the poker fish lure of the slot, the sky jackpot, the electronic lure of the computer, the internet lightning jackpot, or the bid-stack in a sit and go tournament, the fish line out in search of the big poker jackpots flushed with the blood ofazzle and arrogance.

A poker fish is usually a bettor’s poker hand, made after the flop, that is, the first three streets:

  1. he has a made hand
  2. he has a draw hand mixing in some outs to improve the hand,
  3. he has a weak hand, like a busted draw hand or a weak pair, and is on a draw to improve it, or depending on the equity of the pot, he may bet or raise to take control.

When the poker fish waits for a chance to make a hand, he will usually bet or raise, telling you what kind of hand he has.

When the poker fish peeks at his hand after the flop, you can usually read two things.

  1. he has a made hand, like a set, an Ace high flush, etc. and/or
  2. he has a weak hand, like J-4 off suite and decides to bet or raise.

When the poker Vegas88 opens up his third street, hoping for a made hand, he usually has a draw, especially a draw to a made hand like a straight or a flush. So what should you be doing?

Well, hold off on making a big mistake and just call, unless there’s a flush draw. If there’s no flush draw, you are usually prone to losing to a bigger poker hand, unless your opponent has the Set.

If you peep at your opponent’s hand, you must be wary of what hand he reveals. If it’s a weaker hand than your own, raise him by about six times the big blind. If his hand is stronger than yours, call him by about eight times the big blind.

The fact of the matter is that mostonline pokerplayers are playing with one or two middles as well as one or two lows, and very little in between. When you play online poker, especially if you are losing, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of buying into a poker tournament so you can get back in the game.

The problem with this is that tournament poker is a long, tedious event. The more time you take, the more time you are going to spend. It’s a big commitment and you have to be willing to come in first about one hour into the tournament. Even then, if you stay and play on, you will walk out after the first break because your tote is about to eat itself.

The best time to go all-in, as opposed to calling, is when there are less players in the pot.

So if you have a beginner, limping into a pot with ace king, and you raise three times the big blind only to get three calls in your face, you are really calling three bets and not really improving the pot. Even then, if you’re beat, you can always fold.