Poker Tournaments – Gap Concept

Poker Tournaments - Gap Concept

Sometimes in tournaments there come times when a special situation arises. One of these situations that a player can encounter during a poker tournament is known under the name of gap concept.

The terminology of gap concept was first pioneered by an extraordinary poker writer named David Skylansky. This basically means that when you are playing poker you can find yourself in the situation when you just need a hand that is better than the one you are holding in order to play against another player. The opponent would have to open the betting and to play against him your hand has to be better than his hand you would have needed to open the betting yourself. The difference is that the gap concept is much more strict than the ordinary gap concept.

This term was originally coined in the high stakes world. A player was playing very well, he had a tight hand and was just missing the action, when suddenly a strange guy with a gap in his hand raises. The player looking at him was thinking that he had the best hand and no one had ever called before, so the board read: 5h6h. That would have been a perfect flop for my contestant, but as he looked at the board he saw that the other guy had bet first. My player was almost hurt by this continuation bet, because he had raised pre-flop only to have the board read ‘Sh Continent 9c 8d’.

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Strategy 1: Blind Attack

What are the odds of you catching the monster that keeps appearing in your dreams? In poker, you have to understand odds as well as profit opportunities. One of the strategies of Texas Hold ‘Em Lottery is to go after the mighty dollar. So, according to your specifications, when you catch a bit of a string of cards, go for it. If you are into a series of losses, just pick another string of cards; there is always another string of numbers that can save you. If you are playing for a big prize, go for it.

When you are trying to catch a string of cards, remember that you have to catch the card the least possible number of spots from the top of the deck to win. So when you get a card that almost doesn’t make sense, you already have odds in your favor by catching a card of the same rank much, much more likely to increase your chances of getting the card you want.

When you are ready to test this string strategy, make a list of all the possible combinations of rank and suit on the cards you want to catch. Then pick 20 cards, shuffle them, and place them in a deck. Count how many ways you have four cards of the same rank. Count also the number of ways you have five cards of the same rank. That way, if you catch a card of the rank you need, you’ll only need one more card to complete the winning combination.

For example, you’ll need 6 of the 7 cards to complete the flush you’re chasing. That means you have a total of 11 cards, but only 9 cards will make your dream of the flush a reality. Go for it!

Strategy 2: Assess the Odds

It’s hard to calculate the odds, but you can’t help but have an idea after you see the cards you’re holding. To double the odds of catching your card, just add the total number of cards greater than the number of cards still on the deck to the number of cards still on the deck.

So, that’s three cards, six cards, then four cards…eleven cards. Once you know the total number of cards greater than the number on the deck, you’ll have a much better idea of your chances of getting the card you want.

Strategy 3: Minimize the Gamble

How do you keep your cool? Play very cautiously, very seriously, not like your brave parroting days. Once you’re through the deck, only bet what you can afford to lose, not to win.

Strategy 4: Take Your Time

Playing lotteries online isn’t like watching the balls flop the potholes. You have plenty of time, but every online lottery site makes you wait to pick your numbers.